Residency Program.

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A 16-week paid summer program for graduate & undergraduate students in physics, computer science, and engineering.

Residents will be mentored and supervised by Xanadu's world-class scientists and developers.

Kicks off May 2021 with a quantum machine learning bootcamp.

Work with us.


Work on fundamental research topics in quantum machine learning, quantum computing, and photonics.

Example Project Areas
  • Expressivity of quantum machine learning models
  • Compilation of photonic circuits
  • Variational simulation of bosonic systems
  • Bosonic qubits in photonics
  • Fault-tolerant continuous-variable encodings
Potential Supervisors
  • Maria Schuld  
  • Nathan Killoran  
  • Juan Miguel Arrazola  
  • Nicolas Quesada  
  • Krishnakumar Sabapathy  
  • Guillaume Dauphinais  

Potential Supervisors
  • Josh Izaac
  • Tom Bromley
  • Nathan Killoran


Get in-depth experience in the quantum software ecosystem as a member of our world-class team.


Create high-quality education and visualization tools to help train the next generation of quantum scientists.

Example Project Areas
  • Visualizing quantum operations and states
  • Designing interactive tutorials
  • Creating online courses
Potential Supervisors
  • Olivia Di Matteo
  • Josh Izaac

Applications closed

Application deadline: Dec 15, 2020



Who should apply to the 2021 Xanadu Residency Program?

We consider candidates currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs (Masters or PhDs), in particular at Canadian institutions, with experience in an academic program related to quantum computing, physics, computer science, engineering, or other applicable area of study.

When does the 2021 program take place?

The program runs May-August 2021. The quantum machine learning bootcamp will take place the first week of May.

Will the 2021 Xanadu Residency Program be in person?

We hope that our 2021 Residency Program will be in person, with all participants working from our downtown Toronto office. However, given the current challenges of COVID, there is still a high degree of uncertainty about this at the moment. A contingency plan will be in place for the program to take place online.

Can people from outside Canada apply?

Yes, applications from anywhere in the world will be considered.

Is there an application deadline to apply for the Residency Program?

Applications for the 2021 program will close on December 15, 2020.

What subject areas are available to work on for research projects?

Primarily quantum machine learning, photonics, and quantum software. However, feel free to check out the profiles of our researchers and tell us what you're interested in.

Is it possible to do a research project focused on the hardware?

Hardware is not one of the key internship areas. However, if you have significant experience and are specializing in hardware in your graduate program, please indicate this in your application.

What if I am interested in more than one internship area, e.g., research and software, or software and education?

That's great! Many, if not most of our projects span multiple categories. Please let us know your interests in your application.

What can I expect during the bootcamp portion of the program?

The aim of the bootcamp is to bring everyone to the same level of familiarity with quantum machine learning, and with Xanadu's software tools. The bootcamp will be a mix of live lecture and tutorials, with emphasis on hands-on activities.